Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research

Physical & Chemical Oceanography 

Dr. Nubi Ayoola Olubun

Director Of Physical & Chemical

The department focuses on studying the physical and chemical characteristics of Nigerian territorial waters, as well as conducting research, monitoring, and evaluation of marine pollution.

The department has 5 sections:

  1. Physical oceanography
  2. Inorganic biogeochemistry
  3. Organic biogeochemistry
  4. Marine geochemistry
  5. Pollution studies


  1. Erosion control survey
  2. Coastal environmental mapping including oil spill sensitivity analysis and mapping
  3. Bathymetric charting
  4. Oceanographic survey including bottom configuration mapping, current measurement and other variable such as current direction and salinity
  5. Environmental pollution assessment (Also known as Environmental impact assessment)
  6. Ecological disaster assessment and mapping, including bioassays of the effects of pollutants on marine and brackish water organisms and ecosystems
  7. Basal environmental parameter measurements e.g. water temperature, salinity, nutrient status of the water, dissolved oxygen and micronutrient status and the level in the ecosystem and
  8. Mathematical environment modelling of pollutant transport in Natural channels (Rivers, Estuaries etc.