Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research

Fisheries Resources

Obatola Ochuko Patience

Director Of Fisheries Resources


Fisheries Resources Department is one of the main departments at the inception of the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research. The Fisheries Resources Department has her research responsibilities ranging from the fishery resource base in the Nigeria marine waters, through to the exploiters and end users.

The department has two sections namely:

  • Marine Biology and 
  • Fisheries Statistics and Economics.


  1. Conduct research into the living marine resources in the Nigerian territorial waters and the high seas beyond.
  2. Research the abundance, distribution and other characteristics of species of fish and other marine forms of life and management measures for their rational exploitation and conservation.
  3. Research into fisheries statistics and socio-economics of exploitation of the resources of the sea and brackish waters through collection of fish production data from the industrial, artisanal and aquaculture sectors.

Our Mission and vision statement


Provision of Scientific Data and Information through Research on Fish and Other Living Marine Resources including on their Ecology for the Development of Scientific Products Essential for Sustainable Fisheries and Other Living Marine Resources Exploitation and Ecosystem Management in Nigeria.


To be the excellent source of information on the state of living marine resources in Nigeria through research for sustainable management, rational exploitation, utilization, and preservation of their diversity.


“To provide the base on which the national development goals of food security, poverty alleviation, and marine environment sustainable exploitation are built through: ”

Research Areas (Projects, Programs, Etc)

Marine Biodiversity and Systematic Biology, Coastal and Deep Water Marine Fisheries Ecology and Biology, Fish Stock Assessments and Population Dynamics, Marine Mammal Studies, Sea Turtle Conservation, Sea Birds, Mangrove Ecology, Benthic Ecology and Diversity, Plankton Ecology and Diversity, Marine Trophic Level Dynamics

Consultancy Capabilities (Include Laboratories / Equipment, Etc)

  1. Stock assessment of fisheries resources
    • Pool of research scientists
    • Research Vessel (RV Bayagbona)
    • Marine Biology Laboratory
  2. Marine Mammal Observation Services (MMO)
    • Experience Observers
    • Cameras, binoculars, etc
  3. Marine Fauna Diversity
  4. Support Services for marine aquaria

Research Areas

Suitable Fisheries Statistical Sampling Methods, Data Analysis and Presentation, Socio-Economics of Fish Resources Exploitation in Marine Waters, Provision of Baseline Data for Marine Fisheries Management, Policy Development and Implementation Strategies in Agricultural Growth and Development.

Consultancy Capabilities (Include Laboratories / Equipment, Etc):

Fisheries Baseline Study / Assessment / Frame Survey

  1. Pool of Scientists
  2. Statistical Laboratory
  3. Provision of Benchmark Data for Fisheries Development

Aid Existing and Potential Investors for Proper Decision Making