NIOMR Headquarters: Home to Marine and Oceanographic Research
Marine Centre of Excellence
Exploring the Depths and Advancing Oceanographic Research in Nigeria
Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
R.V. Bayagbona Multipurpose Oceanography Research Vessel
Conduct both fishery and Oceanographic research operations in tropic waters
Fish Canning Machines & Equipment
Sea Training of fishing cadets and master fishermen/industrial fishermen
Fish meal plant and extruder:
Capacity Output of 1.5 tons/hrs
Research Laboratories
Fisheries, Fish Technology, Fishing Technology, physical and chemical Oceanography, marine geology/Geophysics, Biotechnology and Biological Oceanography
Fingerlings Production
State of the art Fishing and safety equipments
Central Laboratory
Environmental quality monitoring and Bio- Monitoring
Beach Cleanup
Training of Navy Cadets
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Welcome to NIOMR

Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR), is a multidisciplinary marine research institute and Nigeria’s prime institute for Marine Sciences. The headquarters of the institute is located at the Bar Beach, contiguous to the Atlantic Ocean. Our scientific research activities encompass virtually all aspects concerned with ocean and marine science namely Aquaculture, Biological oceanography, Biotechnology, Fisheries resources, Fish technology & Product development, Physical & Chemical oceanography, Marine geology/geophysics, African Regional Aquaculture Centre (ARAC), Extension Services, Mariculture, Fishing Technology and Safety and Marine Meteorology and Safety.

Sule Abiodun Ph.D. D Sc.

Executive Director/C.E.O



NIOMR Research Work

Certification of Turtle Extruder Device (TED) and Bycatch Reduction Device (BRD) with the United States government

Coastal erosion and ocean dynamics monitoring at Seme, Yovoyan, Olomometa, Lekki and Orimedu beaches, Lagos state, Nigeria

Collaboration with European Union on ASTRAL (All Atlantic Ocean Sustainable, Profitable and Resilient Aquaculture) with the goal to increase value & sustainability for integrated multi-tropic aquaculture (IMTA) production

Collaboration with THE NIPPON FOUNDATION on NF-POGO (Partnership for Observation of Global Ocean) on early scientist training and data collection

Design, fabrication and patented NIOMR fish smoking kiln with a capacity of 25kg, 50kg, 100kg and 250kg. Design and fabrication of NIOMR/WAAPP 50kg detachable. Solar powered with oil collector fish smoking kiln

Development of Broodstock of Macrobranchium Vollenhoeni in concrete tanks

NIOMR Achievements

Training of industrial fisherman on sustainable Hydrodynamic fishing gear and boat repairs.

Nationwide manpower development and Empowerment

Partnership with Lagos State Government to train Artisans on Fish Production, Processing, Packaging, and Export.


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