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Smoking is the oldest method of flavouring and preserving fish and is o widespread application all over Nigeria and Africa. The poor and inadequate traditional preservation techniques predispose the artisanal catch to large scale postharvest losses estimated to over 40% of the total landed weight. The disadvantage associated with traditional mud and drum ovens are unpleasantness, smoke in the eye, rotation of trays (for even drying), constant attention to intensity of the flame, low batch capacity and long processing time. The design and fabrication of the new NIOMR smoke – drying equipment by the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research has successfully addressed the above mentioned disadvantages. The new design removes most of the drudgery associated with the traditional ovens and produces high quality product.
Smoking Kiln
What the Equipment does:
1. Removes the laborious rotation of fish – a major drudgery which is     associated with traditional fish smoking
2. Removes constant attention to flame and fish to prevent possibility     of charring, thus creating more time for other household activities
3. Improves batch capacity
4. Shortens batch process time
5. Removes health hazards like smoke in the eyes and inhalation of     gaseous products of incomplete combustion
6. Produces dried fish that are more hygienic and free from grits and     heavy smoke deposits
7. Adapts fully to the rectangular mud ovens most prevalent in many     villages
8. Is suitable for industrial and household smoking of fish
9. Is adaptable to scale of operation
10. Cost is very moderate

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News & Events

January 28 - 30, 2015
Organized training on Promotion of Commercialization of rice-fish farming in coastal wetlands for food production

March 10, 2015
Launching of NIOMR canned catfish innovation platform


January 28 - 30, 2015
FARA: Training on IAR4D/ IP and the Innovation System Approach

October 10, 2014
FG in conjuction with NIOMR acquires a brand new MFV 36,30 Fishery & Oceanographic Research Vessel called RV. Bayagbona

------------------------------------------------------------------ June 9, 2014
One day workshop of MainOne cable Lagos, Nigeria to NIOMR


April 20, 2014
Technical presentation of the    OES/OTEC progress to the Hon    Minister-FMARD, by NIOMR/FOT-K

April 27, 2012
Commissioning of Capital Project by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural development at NIOMR

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